MerryGoGreen Announcement

The Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Services (“CECES”) is celebrating its 41st anniversary this year. Our vision in the coming decade is to create a broad reach around the globe to serve children and families living in underprivileged conditions.

MerryGoGreen is CECES’s green initiative. In the coming ten years, our main focus will be on creating educational resources for green, sustainable lifestyle for schools and the community. We will encourage children and families to learn about environmental issues and cultivating a sense of responsibility for protecting nature. Our green programs will also develop psychological and physical activities for the well-being of humans and animals.

We are happy to announce and welcome Mr. Conrad Ng on board MerryGoGreen as its Vice Chairman, taking effect on June 28, 2023.

Mr. Ng is the Founder and Chief Sustainability Officer of Metart Asia Limited (“MAL”) – a sustainability consulting firm that enables corporates to calculate, track and report risks associated with climate change. It helps companies to overcome difficulties and constraints while preparing ESG metrics, including the recording of greenhouse gas inventory, materiality assessments, TCFD scenario analyses, scope 3 supply chain carbon emission footprints, and life cycle assessments.

In addition, through partnerships with its global carbon project developers, MAL has a vision to assist landowners, and other communities to identify and support emission reductions from nature-based projects worldwide. MAL also helps businesses which are dedicated to renewable energy, waste management, the opportunity to acquire additional and sustainable income by benefitting from climate finance, and to access carbon credits.

Mr. Ng currently holds sustainability qualifications including Green Globes Emerging Professional and International Society of Sustainability Professional – SEA certifications.

We welcome Mr. Ng into CECES’s family.


Xyras To
CECES Board Chairman

Sansan Ching
CECES Executive Director

28/6/2022。Hong Kong