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School Service

N.E.T. (Native English Teacher) – School Services

CECES has more than 20 years of experience in teaching English for children. Since its founding, it has provided foreign English tutors to more than 500 kindergartens and is also one of the largest English education service organizations in Hong Kong.

We understand that schools frequently encounter various difficulties and challenges when recruiting foreign English tutors or arranging English instruction. Therefore, in addition to providing teacher training courses to teachers within schools, we also conveniently provide foreign English tutors directly to schools in order to reduce the pressure on the administration and personnel management of the school.

Before the school uses our services, we will first have a dedicated staff member meet with the principal at school to understand their specific needs. Then, from “bid” → “quote” → “recruitment” → “selection” → “monitoring” → “review” . We always use a strict selection process to provide the most suitable services for the school.

School Administration:

Because CECES had previously set up our own kindergarten, we are very familiar with the entire financial and administrative operations of the school. Following the Education Bureau’s Funding Guidelines, we provide verbal, written or tender quotations for schools, and schools need only to provide the required information.

In terms of personnel management, we will be responsible for processing the work visa for tutors, insurance and leave matters, etc. Work flow from the procurement process, bid winning arrangement, monthly settlement and filing of documents required by the Education Bureau, etc., We guarantee to provide reliable and efficient services to schools.

Recruitment and Selection:

Our tutors come from all over the world, whether they are from Britain, the United States, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Europe or Asia; as long as they meet our requirements, then there is an opportunity to join us.

Before officially becoming a foreign language tutor at the school, all tutors must undergo training provided by CECES. Contents include: teaching skills, administrative work, curriculum or teaching plan writing, knowledge of cultural differences in kindergartens, etc. From interview to training, instructors must meet the following conditions:

  • University degree or above (major in English or education)
  • Hold TESOL / TEFL (not less than 100 hours) or CELTA (Level 4 or above) certificate
  • Have passed the “Sexual Offence Conviction Record Check”

CECES Course Support:

Regardless of whether the school purchases textbooks from a publishing house or follows the theme/plan provided by the school, the instructor will write appropriate lesson plans according to the school’s needs. The instructor will provide a pleasant English context for teaching, so that children can fall in love with English, or join the class to assist the school teachers conduct group activities. We will also visit schools at regular intervals to understand the tutor’s adaptation, teaching situation and school feedback.

M.T. (Mandarin Teacher) – School Services

Putonghua has gradually become a popular language in the globalized world. CECES also keeps pace with the times by providing schools with Putonghua tutoring services. Our Mandarin tutors all possess at least Level 2 A (the top scores are Level A and B) in the national proficiency test. Mandarin tutors with high grades provide comprehensive biliterate and trilingual courses for the school.

Our tutors must be Mandarin Chinese and must receive training provided by CECES: the content includes: teaching skills, administrative work, curriculum or lesson plan writing, kindergarten cultural differences, etc. All tutors must meet the following conditions:
1) Putonghua proficiency test (up to Level 2 A or above)
2) Have at least 2 years of teaching experience in kindergartens
3) Have passed the “Sexual Offence Conviction Record Check”

Quotation, Tender Invitation & Inquiry:

Kindergarten NET/NMT Services
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