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Parents-Teacher Series

Parent-children Talk / Workshop

The course allows parents to explore the latest knowledge and learning about child education and development.

Topics include:

  • How to improve your student’s English ability
  • Fun ways to learn English
  • How to foster a Cheerful children
  • How to improve your child’s reading ability
  • Parent-children reading workshop
  • Become a good reading Pal

Healthy Living Talk

This course addresses nutritional and developmental health for the family.

Topics include:

  • How to improve concentration through dining
  • How a healthy diet helps to protect against influenza
  • Festival food
  • Tailor-made topic from schools
  • The importance of quality sleep
  • Kids and their bones
  • Exploring Awareness

Parent-Child Fitness Game Day

Designed by our community nutritionist and child fitness coach, this activity gives students the opportunity to learn from interactive games and explore comprehensive development through healthy eating habits and exercise. Participants also learn parent-children exercises such as kickboxing and theraband. Our nutritionist will offer tips on healthy eating habits and demonstrates how to make simple healthy snacks.

Parent-Child Cooking Workshop

Our community nutritionist provides information on healthy eating and focuses on the relationship between balanced nutrition and learning ability. Students participate in a healthy snack workshop that teaches how to make healthy snacks with their family. This program also features a parent-child game that deepens awareness of healthy eating while enhancing the parent-child relationship.

Teacher Training Programme

The teacher training program is based on well-researched best practices in English Language teaching. Big storybooks, language activities, songs, and games are used in the programme to assist teachers in sharpening their language teaching abilities. Major techniques covered in the workshops include the Shared Book Approach, the Writing Process, and Learning Centre Activities.


Influenza Vaccination Programme

We understand that parents are concerned about children’s health. The flu vaccination program is arranged to support schools and parents in preventing the spread of diseases. Students under 12 years old and adults over 50 years old can receive the vaccination free of charge.

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