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Non-Academic Interest Class

CECES Smart Kids Integrated Programme

This is a fun learning program that provides a wide range of learning experiences to enhance students’ English proficiency as well as their personal and all-around development.

The course features an all-encompassing and exciting curriculum to help children learn English in a non-stressed and joyful atmosphere. The core aim of the course is to enhance children’s confidence in learning English through reading, arts and crafts, and cooking workshops. This course also aims to nurture children’s learning interest and motivation through interactive learning methods.

Focus & Concentration Program

The curriculum for this program uses colorful games, group discussions, and exercises to inspire learning.  These exercises help students adapt to a learning environment and make it easier for them to integrate into their school’s environment. This course also aims at improving children’s concentration, responsiveness, hand-eye coordination, and body coordination.

M.A.D. Creative Early Childhood Course (Chinese / Non-Chinese Students)

This course is a combination of music (M), art (A) and drama (D). The focus of the course includes improving body movement, building up confidence in expression, and creativity.

Course content:

  1. Learn music notes and basic music theory
  2. Appreciate different styles of music
  3. Learn shapes and patterns
  4. Learn about color layers
  5. Build up confidence with a drama approach

English Fun Day

English Fun Day is a day dedicated to listening and speaking English in an authentic language environment. Students are given opportunities to play a variety of games in order to reinforce their use of the language. They will also be introduced to new English vocabulary and learn new things through their participation in English Fun Day.

Enriching & Experimenting Outdoor Program

The Outdoor Programme is an interactive learning programme which enables students to get in touch with parts of the world they rarely experience in school. Programmes are organized by our team and include different Museum visits and SDGs workshops. The Outdoor Programme also includes both pre-activity workshops and/or post- activity workshops. Our teachers also teach students related knowledge based on their outdoor experience. Most importantly, children are able to learn in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Olympic Mathematics Course

Our course uses different topics from the World Mathematics competition to develop students’ ability to conceptualize, inquire, reason, communicate, formulate, and solve problems mathematically. This is an interactive course providing participants the ability to improve their communication skills.

Science Experiment Classes

This course is designed to encourage children to connect with science through hands on experiments and activities as well as learn how these link with their daily lives to make learning enjoyable and interesting. This early exposure to science helps develop and nurture curiosity and creativity in young minds.

A Little Scientist (STEM)

This course offers a blended learning environment that shows students how the scientific method can be applied to everyday life.  Students will build and play with projects of varying themes utilizing STEM skills (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).  All themes of this course are cohesive and based on real-world applications.  Students will learn analysis capability, problem-solving skills, judgment, and team spirit.

Abacus Class

This course teaches basic abacus skills and uses the abacus to learn arithmetic.  The abacus is useful for students in strengthening calculation speed and accuracy.

Merry Go STEM after-school interest class

Early Childhood is a good stage to implant the STEM concept! Merry Go STEM is a brand new interest class for kindergarten students which consist of English learning and fundamental STEM knowledge. This course is designed to nurture and develop children’s curiosity in learning STEM through science handcrafts and screen-free robot coding. CECES native English teachers will create an English environment in the class and explore the science and coding skills with the kids. The course can be an after-school interest class or parent-child workshop.

Putonghua Course

The Putonghua course features a dynamic and immersive environment where children learn from real-world settings.  Participants play games, role-play, and have groups conversations.  This course’s situational teaching method integrates play and exercise to build useful language skills.

Japanese Course (beginner / intermediate)

Participants in the Japanese course learn basic Japanese language skills, develop communicative competence in everyday situations, as well as gain valuable insight into Japanese culture and contemporary Japanese society.  Students will explore the basics of formal and informal Japanese vocabulary while learning conversational phrases, Japanese characters, and useful adjectives.

This course uses real-life situations and sensory learning experiences to create a fun learning environment for young students. The basic fifty Japanese phonograms will be included in the course content as well.

Korean Course

Students will acquire basic Korea language skills, develop speaking competence for everyday situations, and gain valuable insight into Korean culture and contemporary Korean society.  Teachers will introduce the basic form of a Korean sentence which will be both challenging and interesting for young students. This course is a good opportunity to better understand Korea since Korean television dramas, movies, and K-pop have become very popular in Hong Kong.

Volleyball/ Football/ Basketball courses

These courses aim at teaching students the basic skills of the respective sport: game rules as well as offensive and defensive strategies.  Coaches will conduct regular competition training to improve team cooperation and leadership skills. We can assist schools in arranging school team training classes or after-school interest classes. All coaches have a Hong Kong registered coaching certificate.

Badminton/ Table tennis courses:

These courses aim at teaching students the basic skills of the respective sport: game rules as well as offensive and defensive strategies.  Coaches will conduct regular competition training to improve team cooperation and leadership skills. We can assist schools in arranging school team training classes or after-school interest classes. All coaches have a Hong Kong registered coaching certificate.

Rope Skipping Class

Coaches use a special jump rope that makes it easy to keep a beat while jumping to teach rope skipping. Participants learn individual and partner rope skipping skills, play games, and learn fun ways to skip rope. The class aims at creating a fun and happy environment for students to enjoy rope skipping.

Fencing class

Our fencing class is for children aged 3-6. Participants learn basic fencing skills and play games to improve their small muscle development, physical coordination, and concentration. Instructors have an instructor certificate issued by the Hong Kong Fencing Association and have at least one year teaching experience.


Taekwondo offers an opportunity for children to learn a martial art in a fun environment and grow critical developmental skills.  Students learn forms and self-defense while building motor skills, concentration, and patience.

Mobile gym class (CECES Exclusive)

Physical fitness training for children is not limited to a certain kind of sport. This course uses games and tailor-made exercises to train the ten elements of physical fitness: muscles and muscle endurance, flexibility, cardiorespiratory endurance, fat/muscle ratio, agility, coordination, balance, speed, and reaction.

Kickboxing Aerobic class/ Theraband class

These courses use simple exercises to help train students’ muscles, coordination, and balance. Students learn basic movements through games and small competitions.

Creative Drawing Class

Using different elements, such as paper-cutting and seal making, this course develops creative and observational skills. Instructors encourage students expand their creativity and express themselves through art.

Little Magician Class

The Little Magicians Class encourages students to grow their inner illusionist. Our magic instructor will teach simple magic tricks including cards, telepathy, paper money, and the magic cup and ball.  Students also develop performance skills that build their public speaking abilities.

Balloon Twisting Class

Children learn to make fun shapes and animals with different sized balloons.  Not only do participants play with colorful balloons but they practice their creativity and fine motor skills.

Ballet/ Chinese dance class

Students learn and practice the fundamentals of the respective dance styles while improving flexibility and muscle coordination.

Little Nutritionist Class / Cooking Class (students only or parent-child workshops are available)

Join our registered dietitian for healthy and delicious cooking. Students have fun cooking with other students or their parents. The course instructor also teaches the importance of a balanced diet by providing nutritional knowledge and tips on healthy eating.

Soft Clay Class

Students use soft clay to create fun and creative art in this class.  This course aims at encouraging students to be creative and inspiring them to build their creative and expressive abilities.

Needle Felting Class

This class gives students the opportunity to use wool felt to teach the ‘felting’ technique.  Students will make a variety of unique wool felt crafts, such as cartoon characters or animals.

African Drum

Djembe has become one of the music courses required by many kindergartens. This course will teach the basic skills of Djembe playing as well as basic music knowledge. Playing this instrument allows children to enjoy different tastes of music and culture.

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