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In the coming 10 years, our main focus will be on creating education resources for green, sustainable lifestyle for schools and the community. We will encourage children and families to learn about environmental issues, and cultivating a sense of responsibility for protecting nature. Our green programs will also develop psychological and physical activities for the well-being of humans and animals.

Environmental studies is a wide multidisciplinary field which encourages human interaction with the environment. Environmental studies connects principles from the physical sciences, commerce/economics, the humanities, and social sciences to address complex contemporary environmental issues.

Our Activities


International Vegan Cooking

we offer vegan cooking lessons from cuisines around the world :
  • Chinese
  • Sri Lankan
  • Italian, etc.

Eco tours

We offer visits to different farms and places of interest:
  • Innolife Farm – organic farming and horticulture
  • Shataukok Farm Organic Company Ltd. – Acquatic farming and games area
  • Eco Travel Limited – Holistic learning in Taiwan, maccau, China, Asian countries and the United States.  Programmes in nature studies including forestry,        entomology and ornithology
  • Oisca International Hong Kong

Growing vegetables & Flowers

Growing vegetables – we encourage students to grow their own vegetables in the schools
  • St. Paul’s Secondary School
  • Bonaventure Primary School
Growing flowers – we teach how to grow flowers for decoration and for food

Eco-Education and learning boxes

We provide workshops on environmental protection delivered through stories, games and interactive problem solving:
  • Energy conservation and alternative energy sources
  • Story of Rubbish
  • Water and Air pollution
  • Food distribution
  • Healthy Eating
  • Vegan life style
  • Vegan nutrition and cooking
  • Recylcing – partnering with Environmental Protection Department
  • Awareness School – courses delivered in tandem with the above educational programmes as an underlying component of the Merry Go Green remit
  • Money Management

Food safety and food science

Partnering with HK Food and Science Technology
  • Nutrition and and culinary skills course –
    partnering with HK Continuing Education Fund

Working alongside industries and commercial enterprises

We will work with, and forge links with the business world to reach our mutual concerns for sustainability on our earth and to bring awareness to the coming generations on the importance of environmental respect and care.