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Hi! World

Let’s go see the world, a different place every year

Hi World! is a new Global Education programme for students and families to travel overseas on work camps, cultural exchanges and further education in other countries. Our first work camp is to Sri Lanka at the end of the year.

CECES takes you to different places every year. Where would you like to go? What would you like to see? When would you want to arrive?

The programme is not confined to school students. If you, your family or friends have special requests for your travels, We will custom make a tour for you.

Our Activities

CECES Winter Service Tour in Sri Lanka 2017 :

Date: 20/12 – 29/12/2017
Destination: Sri Lanka

Programme outline:

  • School Construction
  • Voluntary Teaching
  • Cultural Exchange

CECES launched its Hi World program “CECES Winter Service Tour” when it sent a group of young people off to Sri Lanka. It’s 35 years, this is the first time Ceces goes abroad into another country and a whole different culture. Upon arrival they are ravenously hungry. Eating with their hands just like the locals is no problem. They have continued their five hour journey into a small village where they will stay for the next 10 days.