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Charity Projects

MAD School by CECES

Project Name: MAD School by CECES

Duration: 2016-Present

Objectives: CECES has used the MAD approach for many years in teaching English to young children. The MAD approach is where we integrate three aesthetic mediums of music, art, and drama into the learning of English. Music enhances the understanding of tones and register through the musical principles of pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, and timbre. These principles closely relate to speaking and English will be picked up naturally and spontaneously through singing. Art involve colours, shapes, and textures, all of which stimulate and excite the sense of seeing and feeling. Drama requires physical movement, encouraging the use of body parts, a sense of direction when moving in space, and relating to an audience through role-playing and music. The combination of MAD in English learning will see a fast-paced dynamic interaction between students and their facilitators. Volunteers helping will also find relief from their daily routine and enjoy interacting with young students as they create props and practice their oral skills. This programme has benefited around 200 students in last year.

Beneficiary Children
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Project Name: Premature Baby Support Program

Supported by: Pampers (P&G)

Duration: 2018-Present

Objectives:This program was jointly launched by HKCECES and P&G. It aims to provide diapers for Hong Kong families with premature babies (babies less than 37 weeks old or weighing less than 2.2 kg at birth). In its effort to support families, P&G partnered with NICU nurses to design the Preemie Swaddlers Size diaper— ­­a size smaller than newborn diapers. It’s designed to fit the tiniest and most vulnerable premature babies and weighs as little as one pound.

Achievements: Over 1,800 families have benefited from the program.

Beneficiary families
Beneficiary Babies
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Besides, HKCECES invited Doctor Ana Li and Nurse Jessica Chan to share with parents the medical procedures, precautions and anti-epidemic tips:

Baby Early Arrival

Parents Sharing 1

Premature Baby Healthy Development

Parents Sharing 2

Follow-up care

Cook for Charity . Cook for Love

Project Name: Towngas Cook for Charity . Cook for Love

Supported by: Towngas

Objectives: Help underprivileged families to benefit from healthy cooking and nutrition learning workshops.


  • Green concept cooking workshop in Towngas’ kitchen
  • Sponsor children from low-income families to join healthy cooking workshops

Duration: 2014-Present

Beneficiaries: Beneficiaries over 2200

No. of workshop
Joined Students

“Mother Stress Index” Survey and Pre-mature diaper Sponsorship

Project Name:  “Mother Stress Index” Survey and Pre-mature Diaper Sponsorship Program

Supported by: P&G

Implementation Period: 2017-2018

Serving: Hong Kong parents and families with pre-mature babies

Objective: To study Hong Kong mothers’ postpartum mental health status and understand the sources of stress they are expose to.


  • Conduct a survey of mothers;
  • Organize a press conference;
  • Announce the Pre-mature diaper sponsorship program

CECES Blosssom

Project Name: CECES Blossom

Supported by: CECES

Duration: 2018-Present

Objectives: CECES Blossom was setup on 1st of June, 2018 with the mission of bringing teachers, parents, and children together in promoting high-quality pre-school education. Working in conjunction, the association provides a valuable platform for the further development of early childhood education.

Second Executive Committee
Chairperson: Ms. Cheung Suet Fong (Principal of Diamond Hill Baptist Church Bright Blossoms Kindergarten)
Vice-chairperson: Ms. Luk Kwan Yin (Principal of Lok King Kindergarten)
Secretary for Internal Affairs: Ms. Fung Siu Hing (Principal of The Baptist Convention Of Hong Kong Po Tin Kindergarten)
Secretary for External Affairs: Ms. Hon Wai Ming (Principal of Lutheran Philip House Kai Yip Nursery School)
Finance: Ms. Tam Wai Kuen (Principal of Lung Kong World Federation School Limited Chu Sui Lan Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten)
Liaison: Ms. Wong Lai Man (Senior Kindergarten Principal)
General Affairs:
– Ms. Chiu Tze Ling (Principal of Chai Wan Baptist Church Pre-school Education Lui Ming Choi Kindergarten)
– Ms. Fok Pak Ping (Principal of Baptist Pui Li School)

Inauguration Ceremony of the First Board of Directors

Inauguration Ceremony of the Second Board of Directors

CECES Caring Family Storytelling Workshop

Project Name: CECES Caring Family Storytelling Workshop

Supported by: CECES

Duration: 2018-Present

Objectives: The Caring Family Storytelling Workshops aim at training parents and volunteers to tell stories with style and flair. Participants will be inspired and stimulated to think deeply about story-telling as an artistic genre. They promote the Caring Family campaign themes of Family Unity, Human Values, and Healthy Living to children and community groups. Certified story-teller promoted healthy living habits, enhanced children’s understanding of universal values, and helped children to show care and respect towards family members and friends.

Volunteers Trained: over 100

Beneficiary: over 500 families

“English Learning in Hong Kong” survey and press conference

Project Name: “English Learning in Hong Kong” survey and press conference

Conducted by: CECES

Duration: 2012

Objectives: CECES conducted a survey of over 300 families to find out how parents make use of their children’s after-school hours with regards to the learning of English. According to the survey: 64% of parents believe foreigners are the best people to teach their children English and 60% of parents believe that employing foreign domestic helpers will raise their children’s standard of English. In response to the survey, CECES stresses that parents should be careful in choosing the right teacher. Moreover, CECES also introduced the ‘seven sins’ that parents commit in encouraging their children to learn English. We then provided the best “IN” ways of learning English while promoting the benefits of informal education.

The best “IN” ways of learning English:

  • Learning through stories. Stories can be related to daily experiences, vocabulary and grammar.
  • Learning English through interactive games, songs, dance, drama, arts, and crafts. These activities encourage children to communicate, learn and discuss issues with each other, and cultivate a sense of sociability and cooperation amongst peers.
  • Learning to ask questions beyond the classroom material. Teachers must provide learners exploration time and allow children to find out answer for themselves.  This helps develop critical thinking skills in young learners.

Press Release
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