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CECES Volunteer Club (CVC)

About the CVC (CECES Volunteer Club)

The CECES Volunteer Club (CVC)regularly provides a series of school and public volunteering works to members. Being the  CVC members, you can enroll and participate in different kinds of meaningful volunteering works ranging from helping children and visiting the elderly.

CVC also organizes training to help volunteers to learn more knowledge in different scopes so that they can involve in more servicing fields and contribute to the community. For example, awareness, cooking, handcraft, touch ball, magic, etc.

We will hold regular volunteer gathering to help know each other and develop good team spirit for future volunteer service.

Volunteer Reward Scheme

In appreciation of our volunteers’ contribution, CVC offers a volunteer reward scheme to thank for our volunteers. Awardee will be given away prize according to their hours of volunteering works.

  1. Prize awarded in different phrase according to the volunteering hours to encourage the engagement of volunteers:
    a) 1 CVC Points for 1 hour volunteer work. Special award for annual accumulated points of 20, 50, 100.
    b) Additional CVC Points will be offered for special events.
  2. Bronze, Silver and Gold prize will be awarded for annual accumulated hours over 80.
    Bronze ‐ 80 hours
    Silver ‐ 100 hours
    Gold ‐ 120 hours

Join Us Now For Volunteering

Please fill in the online form below to enroll for CVC. We will contact you soon after receiving your form. You can also download and fill in the Volunteer Application Form and send us by fax: 23627011 or by email: admininstration@ceces.com.hk. For any inquiries, please call us at 27881666.

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