CECES Announcing 40th Anniversary

CECES is celebrating its 40 anniversary this year! This landmark year brings so much happiness and joy to share with our friends and supporters.

More and more, we are opening new avenues for those we serve. Even in the height of the Covid Pandemic, we have not stopped exploring wider horizons. We feel that the future is filled with possibilities for exciting new adventures. We look forward to bringing novel projects and education to the 200,000 people we serve each year.

Our Mission

CECES started in 1982 with the motto “Children come first”. We focused on early childhood, children below 8 years of age. Very soon, eight-year-olds turned into adolescents. We embraced all children up to 12. They too, grew up, and we quickly designed programmes for teenagers as well as for students in the tertiary sector.

Today we promote messages of peace and harmony. We welcome the whole family to learn and play together. Who makes up the family? They are children, parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, cats, dogs, and other pets. Many include their helpers as important members of families. This is laudable.

As our interests are wide and varied, we must be inclusive. We aim to provide services for people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, children with disabilities and especially those in disadvantaged circumstances.

New projects

In preparation for our celebrations, we introduced several new and innovative projects in the middle of last year. These included a series of fitness exercises for grandparents to strengthen muscles and balance; a set of Access Bars, a 32-point gentle touch to the head to effortlessly release tensions and to bring well-being to children and the elderly.

We started an innovative FloorCurling project for families; a series of E-sport activities leading to a 2-day competition for young people. Many new educational courses and activities will be provided on Zoom. As soon as we can move around freely, there will be outdoor activities for our target groups.

I invite our community to support and join our activities! Stay safe and be happy, for life is filled with ease, joy, and glory!