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Academic Interest Class

Show English

Show English is a uniquely written original course designed by CECES. The course is divided into 3 stages: “Kindergarten”, “Junior Primary” and “Higher Primary”. At each stage, students will learn English vocabulary and sentence patterns in an all-English learning environment according to the level of the students. The goal is to inspire children to think, associate and express themselves in English using “Show and Tell”.

In the “Kindergarten stage”, with the help of various different themes dealing with the things that students often encounter in their lives, Show English dares students to express what they see and hear, thereby increasing their confidence in English conversation.

In the “Lower Primary Stage”, students have mastered a certain level of reading and conversation skills. At this stage, the course will strengthen the structure, grammar and grammar usage so that students can learn to use English correctly.

The “Upper Primary Stage” focuses on open-ended topics, so that students can improve their English skills and highlight their personal ideas when expressing themselves or communicating and discussing in English. Instructors will also ask students to approach topics and issues from different perspectives to stimulate students and hone their critical thinking abilities.

CECES Phonics

Many school children are already very rich in vocabulary, and in terms of reading, can use the skills they’ve mastered to spell some new words that are very challenging or even unlearned. But when some similar or new vocabulary is understood through listening, students may not be able to spell it completely. There are many different phonics methods in the market, such as: “Jolly Phonics”, “Letterland”, “RWI Phonics”, etc. CECES also has a unique English pinyin course.

This course focuses primarily on improving three abilities of students:

  • “Accurate tone”
  • “Clear Ending”
  • “Listening to string characters”

Engaging the whole brain, deconstructing the sounds of words, combining and blending letters and sounds and playing verbal/ phonetic games (e.g. games using onomatopoeia) all work to enable students to strengthen their ability to string words together. Furthermore, they should gain the ability to cooperate in “group reading”, as well as participate in singing games and other language activities, making it easier for students overall to master the skills of phonics and reading.


This course is designed for students who have mastered a certain level of English conversation ability.

The aim of the course is to use drama to train children’s “emotional depth”, “expression skills”, “interpretation of voice” and “speaking rhythm”, so that when students participate in performances or conversations, they are able to express themselves coherently and smoothly.

In addition, since the courses are conducted on different themes, such as “role playing”, “dialog” and “group performance”, students can play different roles while simultaneously learning to understand the importance of teamwork, discipline and patience.

Cambridge English

Cambridge English has become one of the courses that many parents choose to enroll in. A likely reason for its popularity is that Cambridge English has an internationally recognized YLE exam certificate. Many parents can provide students with a richer résumé when they apply for primary school.

We use textbooks published by “Cambridge English” Publishing House, which are closely resemble the YLE test content, sentence structure, and test questions, so as to ensure good results for students in the YLE exam.

Parent-Child English Playgroup

This course is very popular among parents of pre-school children. It is divided into 1 – 1 1/2 years old and 1 1/2 -3 years old.

Through different forms of “games”, “arts and crafts” and “sensory integration”, let children understand their surroundings, inspire creativity in the brain, and exercise large and small muscles. The goal of the course is to make children feel the joy of learning.

English Enhancement Course

The English Enhancement Course is designed to fit in with school curriculum and help students revise and strengthen what they have learned in class.

Course includes:

  • Revision of class materials
  • Focus on dictations and exams
  • Homework revision class (optional)

English Apex

English Apex is particularly designed for upper primary school students. This course focuses on training students’ speaking, reading, and presentation skills. Students practice reading aloud and writing different types of text. A performance may also be included in some versions of this course. Details can be obtained from CECES.

Mathematics Education Course

The mathematics course is designed to fit in with school curriculum and help students revise and clarify of what they have learned in class so they can better advance in future mathematics study.

bla bla bla Speaking Class

Bla Bla Bla Speaking Class adopts a fun and relaxing learning approach to encourage students to speak English bravely. Teachers and students share topics on things they encounter in daily life to assist students in speaking confidently. This course includes games, discussions, and sharing.

Grammar Course

The grammar course teaches grammar in a lively way! Students will strengthen their understanding and usage of grammar through activities and worksheets.

Course content:

  • Introducing basic structures and usage of grammar.
  • Introducing parts of speech (e.g. nouns, verbs & adjectives).
  • Making compound words and explaining sentence structures.
  • Using role play to make use of words and sentence structures learned in the lesson.

English Writing Course

The writing course will enhance and refine students’ writing skills as well as expand students’ creativity. The course is divided into three parts: Class Writing, Group Writing and Individual Writing. The Class Writing session has more teacher support. With the teacher’s guidance, students learn how to generate ideas through brainstorming and organize these ideas for expressing in writing. The Group Writing session encourages a step by step approach and team work. Students collect information on a topic and engage in discussion, voting, and compromise with their group to create a project.  Group writing allows students to improve their social and communication skills as well as follow the writing process of drafting, reading, editing, and sharing.

After getting support from the Class Writing and Group Writing sections, students follow-up with the Individual Writing session where they produce their own writing project.

Reading comprehension Course

Reading comprehension is one of the important elements in mastering English. This is a complex process that draws on many different skills and is not a straightforward task. Reading passages often contain much information making it challenging for students to comprehend. We aim to equip students with an assortment of skills that will aid them in better handling reading comprehension.

Bridging Course

The Bridging Course is designed to help in preparing K2 and K3 students for P1 English.  This course helps build students’ interest in learning English by using fun stories, songs, role-playing, activity-sheets, as well as other engaging teaching materials.

Pre-Secondary Guidance & Mock Interview

This course introduces and prepares students for future school interviews. Students will learn to face and overcome new and unknown situations that might arise in an interview. The Interview Course also aims to train students in thinking critically and independently. The course includes interview practice, speaking practice, answering skills, writing skills (CV and self-introduction), group discussion, and a mock interview.

CECES English Summer Immersion Program

This program provides children with an English immersion experience by exploring a diverse range of topics. The program runs in two week blocks from Mondays to Fridays and allows students to enhance their English learning by studying math, science, drama, song, and conversation. Although the children undergo these subjects in an intensive time frame, learning is pursued in a relaxed and enjoyable manner.

English course for Newly arrived Children

This course is aimed at helping children, who have newly arrived in Hong Kong, cope with any adjustment problems and adapt to the social environment and education system of Hong Kong schools.  Students focus on improving their English ability by expanding their vocabulary, grammar, and sentence knowledge. We have designed the lessons for beginners of various ages to suit the needs of newly arrived children who wish to grasp the basics.

Chinese Language Proficiency Course

This course is designed to fit in with school curriculum and help students revise and strengthen what they have covered in class so they can more confidently proceed in their language education.

Putonghua Interest Class

In response to Mandarin having become an important global language, CECES is focusing on teaching quality Putonghua.

This course focuses on vocabulary and sentence patterns in Mandarin. Since children begin to learn the pronunciation of English letters in kindergarten, teaching Mandarin pronunciation concurrently may confuse students. Our course provides children the opportunity to learn pronunciation and language that connects to elementary level Mandarin courses through singing and games.

Basic Chinese Course (Foundational course on Words – for Lower P1)

This course teachers basic Mandarin to P1 students with little to no experience in the language. Children will learn new Chinese words quickly and easily with the instructor and the picture dictionary. Basic writing skills are also included in the course content.

Chinese story writing (Set up course on creativity and logical thinking – for Lower Primary)

Storytelling opens up channels of communication and stimulates emotional, imaginative and linguistic development. It encourages student participation, develops confidence and a boosts self-esteem. Children can practice their logic skills by sequencing images in chronological order, telling a story

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