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Who we are?

The Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Services (CECES) was founded in 1982 as a charitable NGO under the Hong Kong government Inland Revenue’s Section 88.

Our mission is to provide informal, out-of-school learning with the aim of nurturing children’s many talents through hands on experiential learning. Our education programmes aim to promote harmonious and respectful coexistence amongst people of different cultures and economic backgrounds.

In addition to our regular English language curricula and Healthy Living programmes, our education focus in the coming decade is on environmental sustainability and nature-based learning.

We particularly support children from low-income and disadvantages families so that all children may enjoy our numerous education services under non-stressful and joyful conditions.

Our Milestones

1983 – CECES held an initial meeting as a registered society.
1987 – CECES organized the first Children’s Month. The annual event continued for another 10 years.
1988 – The CECES’s first office was opened at Nam Shan Estate, Shek Kip Mei. CECES was granted the exemption status as a charity organization.
1990 – CECES launched and operated the “Fun Bus”, a mobile double decker vehicle that visited 180 housing estate to provide informal education services.
1992 – Started the CECES Garden Farm and pioneered the organic farming using the Integrated Pest Management method.
1993 – The Healthy Living Group and Childsafe Action Group was formed.
1996 – CECES initiated The Preschool English Language Programme (PELP) for the teaching of English as a second language in pre-schools.
1999 – The Integrated English Language Programme (LELP) for the lower primary schools, a collaborative venture with the Education and Manpower Bureau, was piloted. Later the programme was extended to the upper primary schools, named Learning to Learn English Language Programe (LELP). The project has been held for over 20 years.
2000 – CECES opened its first Preschool – CECES Organized Aetna Preschool.
2006 – UBS Sponsored “Reading Angels Programme”.
2007 – The CECES Learning Centre was opened at Cheung Sha Wan.
2008 – CECES Learning Centre was moved from Cheung Sha Wan. “CECES Child Development Centre (CCDC) had its Grand Opening at the Fortune Metropolis, Hung Hom.
2010 – CECES organized the first “Hong Kong CECES Children English Speech Competition”.
2012 – The grand event of the year “CECES 30th Anniversary Grand Finale” was held in Tsuen Wan.
2013 – CECES is awarded as “Touching CSR Award”.
2014 – CECES launched “Merry Go CECES” campaign.
2017 – CECES 35th anniversary, Merry Go CECES mobile learning center started.
2018– Merry Go CECES one year anniversary, & 2018 activity tour.
2019– Vegan City Project was activated.
2020– Merry Go Shop by CECES started operation.

CECES Organized Aetna Nursery School

CECES was donated 1 million by Aetna Insurance (Bermuda) Limited to start up an ideal child care centre named “CECES Organized Aetna Child Care Centre” in April 2000 aiming to provide a variety experiential learning to children aged 2-6 years old. The opening ceremony was held in December 2000 with the honorary presence of Mrs. Carrie LAM, the Director of Social Welfare Department, and Mr. Cheng Man Kwong, the Executive Director of Aetna Insurance to be the officiating guests. In September 2005, in coordination with the government preschool service policy, the school was rename as “CECES Organized Aetna Nursery School”

Mission & Objectives
The school started operation in 2000 with the mission of “Let children’s virtues sparkle!”. We use inspiring ways and creative approach to nurture students’ positive learning attitude, develop the ability of self learning and problem solving. We also help build up students good living habits, good moral, self-discipline, self-esteem and self-reliance so as to achieve the whole person development.

Our Structure & Team

CECES Structure

Honorary Life President
Mr. Hilton Cheong-leen, CBE, JP
Justice Michael Hartmann, GBS
Mrs. Anne Marden, MBE, BBS
Mr. Nelson Lau
Ms. Flora Cheong-Leen

Honorary President
Dr. Cai Da
Mr. Gary Lam
Mr. Sam Hui

CECES Board of Directors
Mr. Xyras To (Chairman)
Mr. Y.C. Lee (Director)

Honorary Consultant
Mr. Frederick Lynn, MH
Mr. Harrison Ho

Ms. Sansan Ching

Dr. Jimmy Loke (Honorary Patron)
Mr. Xyras To (Chairman)
Mr. Conrad Ng (Vice Chairman)

Department Introduction


The Healthy Living Department

The Healthy Living Group of Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Services (CECES) was founded in 1993. The department endeavors to use a whole child development approach throughout our programmes. Our group focuses its work on promoting health concepts, namely, maintaining a balanced diet and doing physical activities in schools and communities.

The following are the group’s aims:

  • To carry out sustainable health education programs and disease prevention activities among the local communities and schools;
  • To place emphasis on the healthy habit in daily life especially the concepts of balanced diet, exercise and mental development;
  • To proceed on research for the promotion of health in the communities and schools;
  • To provide professional advice for local teachers and health professionals;

Non-academic courses
Parent-Teacher Series
Charity Projects
Government Department Cooperation Projects
Corporate Cooperation Projects
Funding Projects


EXtra Curricular Inspiration Department

EXtra Curricular Inspiration Team (EXCITE) was set up in 2010. Quality teaching is the essence of our success, as we gradually develop a reputation for our CECES extracurricular programs which are welcomed in different schools and communities. The Team aims to provide all-rounded extra-curricular activities and courses to schools. We believe learning in an informal, light-hearted way, under stress-free conditions promotes the best learning for children and adults alike.
We provide a wide range of courses and activities including English and Chinese language proficiency classes, slow-learner enhancement class, science experiment classes, Pre-Secondary Guidance & Mock Interview, enriching and experimenting outdoor learning programs, fun days and parents workshops etc.

Academic Interest class
Non-academic courses
Parent-Teacher Series


Kindergarten Department

In 2010, the Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Services established its Kindergarten department. We mainly provide foreign English (NETS) and Putonghua (NMT) tutors in kindergartens, as well as general language teacher training, after-school interest classes and other activities. Our aim is to improve the language level at local kindergartens, and for our students to ultimately become biliterate (i.e. master written Chinese and English) and bilingual (i.e. speak fluent English and Mandarin). With 40 years of teaching experience, CECES promises to always provide professional services. From our frontline language tutors, to the responsible director of logistics, we promise to put forth all of our efforts in helping kindergartens solve problems and provide high quality education for their students.

N.E.T. Service – School Services
Mandarin Service – School services
Private Tutoring
Academic Interest class
Non-academic courses
Parent-Teacher Series

Contact Us

Head Office Address:

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Primary & Secondary School Services
Ms. Kenix Yu
Tel: 2362 7100
Email: kenixyu@ceces.com.hk

Healthy Living Group
Mr. Kenny Lau
Tel: 3188 1856
Email: healthy@ceces.com.hk

Kindergarten Services
Tel: 2362 7136
Email: kg@ceces.com.hk

Language Group
Ms. Kenix Yu
Tel: 2362 7109
Email: kenixyu@ceces.com.hk

CECES Organized Aetna Preschool

School Address:

G/F, Annex Block,
Tin Shing Shopping Centre,
Tin Shing Court, Tin Shui Wai,
New Territories

phone & fax:

Tel: (852) 2254-2442
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