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Provides premature babies diapers to fit the tiniest and most vulnerable premature babies in Hong Kong Premature Baby Support Program English STEM
Coding Class
A screen free robot coding class for young learners to develop their problem-solving skills and English speaking competency.
Promotes the international goals of environmental sustainability and a plant-based life-style. Green Living Education


The Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Services (CECES) was founded in 1982 as a charitable NGO under the Hong Kong government Inland Revenue’s Section 88.

Our mission is to provide informal, out-of-school learning with the aim of nurturing children’s many talents through hands on experiential learning. Our education programmes aim to promote harmonious and respectful coexistence amongst people of different cultures, religions and economic backgrounds. Our education focus in the coming decade is on environmental sustainability and nature-based learning. We particularly support children from low-income and disadvantages families so that all children may enjoy our numerous education services under non-stressful and joyful conditions.

Our Achievement, Participated Parties and Beneficiaries Since 1982:


Caring Family . Love Communion

Today we promote messages of peace and harmony. We welcome the whole family to learn and play together. As our interests are wide and varied, we must be inclusive. We aim to provide services for people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, children with disabilities and especially those in disadvantaged circumstances.


Promoting Green Lifestyle to HK Community

In the coming 10 years, our centre point focus is on creating a “green” lifestyle in the community’s daily habits. We are dedicated to encourage children and families to learn about environmental sustainability, cultivating a sense of responsibility for protecting nature and developing psychological and physical well-being for all humans and animals.

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